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I feel bad for the dept. Beach nude pussy. In fact, Suro, who's a police sergeant, has been relieved of duty pending the outcome of an Internal Affairs investigation. Stacy suro nude. Follow Fark On Twitter. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't get paid for 24 hours a day. Same with the story we heard way back about a teacher who also starred in porn films.

See some of the photos that aren't too revealing. We obtained some photos that are just too racy to show you. This guide will help you get high in California, ensuring you hit all the popular drug dens salon. And by "investigated" we mean she posed for them herself. Sources said that's when the higher ups at HPD learned Suro had posted nearly pictures -- some of them nude -- on the modeling site. Popular lesbian tattoos. Try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page.

Click here to investigate the photos yourself. Get email alerts for local stories and events around the world. Some of us forget that we are cops and that makes all the difference in the world. Why exactly is she suspended from duty? The month before, former FBI administrative specialist Erika Bonilla filed a lawsuit against the agency, saying she was discriminated, in part, because "several co-workers were jealous of her appearance. Suro has since taken the link down. He is an expert in brand development, marketing, operations, and customer service.

Get one on camera stomping some womans skull and action comes years later in the form of a settlement payment. Posted using Outdoor Hub Campfire. Suro, a single mother, also clearly stated she was a model for hire.

Stacy suro nude

I can think of five people I know offhand that would be livid. Featured in Crimesider Lawyer vows to investigate Waffle House over alleged discrimination A lawyer says a man who was choked by an officer was called a homophobic slur by an employee before staff called police Lorenzen Wright: You know how many examples of things that would degrade or bring disrespect upon the police we are okay with?

I think she is hot as HELL, especially for a 42 year old!!!! Houston police sergeant investigates over nude and semi-nude pics posted to a modeling website. Snooki nude porn. The rule to understand is that any action that may bring discredit on the department opens the officer for punishment. This is not relevant or admissible in any case in which she might testify. Gimme a break folks. She has a set of parabolas that would give a yak cardiac arrest.

As I said before, this is still America and yes cops pay taxes too and the constitution applies to us too.

Sources said that's when HPD learned Suro had posted nearly pictures, some of them nude, on the modeling site. Did she pose nude at her place of work or wear her badge or uniform for any pictures?

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Mar 22, 5. She can pat me down for weapons anytime! If another cop found them, then doesn't that make them as guilty for something she is. Sexy naked women photos. Stacy suro nude. Maybe people are just intimidated by her strength and self confidence. Man on man, woman on woman; anything goes!

Will he or she get hit with CUBO too!?!?!

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Instead, McClelland released a statement saying that the department was aware of the allegations but he could not comment until the investigation was completed. Ever run into someone who says "what does 'butterface' mean? How much true respect is she going be be shown by many of the officers in her command? Literally that same week at another schook, a teacher was put on paid suspension for trying to get another student to kill a kid he was having gay sex with.

Stacey Suro Photos Scandal: Santa Fe church community reflects on Santa Fe shootings and arrives at the same sort of well-considered, intelligent, and productive solution at which you'd expect a church community to arrive npr. To this day, I have a difficult time not thinking of the pictures of this particular female officer when I see her around and this was over 10 years ago. It makes her cheap and taudry, takes away from her professionalism glad I do not work for this dept.

They prob just jealous because they dont look like her. People can be really funny sometimes. Naked wild party. Man drives vehicle into restaurant, kills 2 family members, police say.

Department policy states that "employees shall exhibit professional conduct at all times and shall not engage in any activity, including unlawful activity that would degrade or bring disrespect upon the employee or the department. Ohio CopMar 22, BrenMar 22, A part time cop and a full time "gangster" rapper.

You could be the model police officer too much cleavage or an exposed ballsack gets the badge and your pension taken away. Some of us forget that we are cops and that makes all the difference in the world. This seems like a good time to post this: Can she still do her job effectively? This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors.

A beloved basketball star and Memphis hero is gunned down in the woods — seven years later, police get a tip that leads to a stunning arrest.

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Stacey Suro, 42, has been relieved of her duty as a sergeant with the Houston Police Department after officials discovered an assortment of risque photos Suro had allegedly posted online, KPRC reports. Maybe people are just intimidated by her strength and self confidence. Meantime, Police Chief Charles McClelland would not go on camera but he released a statement saying that the department is aware of the allegations but he could not comment until the investigation is completed.

One question is, who brought "shame" to her department. Patrick o brian nude. While not all of them are "tasteful" by normal public standards, I don't see how this should have any impact on her. Your name or email address: Much nicer than simply replying to some random post.

The only issue is it went public and people of the public bitch and moan about anything. List lesbian pornstars A lawyer says a man who was choked by an officer was called a homophobic slur by an employee before staff called police. I don't even know if the show is on anymore[static. Explosives could lead to federal charges against accused Texas shooter 11 minutes ago ago May 21 UPI -- Explosives found in connection with the Texas high school attack that killed 10 people were functional and could mean federal charges, authorities said.

Good lord is she hot.

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